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Original Putter Grip

Holder Golf

Original Putter Grip

$ 19.69
The Holder Golf Patented Original Putter Grip design is truly ground breaking.  Its innovative no-taper square profile "pistol grip" design aids in aligning the putter face to the target and helps prevent the breakdown of the wrists during the stroke.  Made from synthetic rubber, it has a classic feel and its weight perfectly counterbalances any putter head.  Look no further for the ultimate putter grip, the Holder Golf Original Putter Grip has it all!
  • Made in the USA
  • Length: 11 Inches
  • Width: 1 inch x 1 inch (Square Profile)
  • Weight: 145 grams
  • Core Size: .580 inches
  • Patented - All rights reserved. 

 Click Here for a Basic Holder Golf Grip Installation Tutorial Video

Holder Golf's Original Putter Grip is not approved for play in USGA governed events? Why? Read our statement here. Our Tour Putter Grip does conform to all USGA rules.

This putter grip works great with all traditional putters, but if you are looking for a non traditional putter, take a look at the Holder Golf cutting edge putter designs!  Learn more


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