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"The desire to "get the eyes above the ball" is the overriding principle that dictates the set-up of the traditional putter. This is confusing to me because your eyes don't control the putting stroke, your arms, wrists and hands do. 

So why design a putter to get your eyes in the right position and force your arms, wrists and hands to conform to that set-up? Putter manufacturers can change the head all they want - they can balance it, move weight around within it, make it out of exotic metals, design high tech inserts for it... but if the set-up remains the same, your stroke will remain the same.

And without a stroke change, you'll continue to have trouble making putts whether you have a $700 putter with a famous name engraved in it, or a $12 bargain bin putter."

James Holder: Founder, Holder Golf LLC