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Design Philosophy:

Holder Golf Tech and TipsOne of the main advantages to changing to a Holder Golf Putter is the simplicity of the putting stroke you utilize with the putter. There’s an adjustment, it is a different stroke, but it’s an EASIER stroke to repeat - especially under pressure. With a traditional putter your hands, wrists, and forearms are forced into an upright and weak position that can easily break down during the stroke. But with a Holder Golf Putter your hands wrists and forearms square up naturally to the line of the putt and drop into a comfortable and strong position allowing for an easily repeatable, natural stroke.

To further help visualize this, let's pose a question: How many times have you missed a seemingly easy 4 foot putt? A putt that you consistently make on the practice green, but on the course under pressure, your stroke breaks down and you miss it. That pressure you experience has a tendency to constrict your muscles. And logically, the more muscles you are using in your stroke the higher the probability that one of those muscles will constrict (break down) enough to open or close your club face a fraction of an inch. And even on a 4 footer,  if your putter face is out of square even a fraction of an inch, you'll miss the putt.

In the past, the solution offered by other putter manufacturers and short game experts was to anchor your putter or alter your grip. But what we’ve done through our Patented grip design and our unique putter set-up, is eliminate the need for many of those smaller muscle adjustments in your stroke, reducing the probability that your stroke will break down.

If you want to get a feel of this difference before you purchase your Holder Golf Putter, take a wedge, choke down on it a couple inches, set up as if you’re hitting a full shot, and make a putting stroke. You’ll see very quickly that the stroke is stronger and easier to repeat than your traditional putting stroke. Now imagine a putter grip and club set up that is designed specifically for that stroke.  That is the Holder Golf Putter and it can only be found here.


Embrace the Concept:

Not embracing the concept is the biggest hurdle to success with this putter.  How do you know if you're not embracing the concept?  What we see most is players trying to use the Holder Golf putter with the same set-up as a traditional putter. That defeats the purpose of having the putter in the first place and it will never work.  If the heel of the putter is off the ground and the toe is digging into the ground, then you're doing it wrong.  Set the head of the putter flat on the ground then adjust your arms, wrists and hands to that lie angle.  To help with that, we suggest that at the beginning you approach the putt as if you are approaching a full shot. Use your full shot grip, your full shot pre-shot routine, everything, even the waggle if you use one.  This will help train your brain for the adjustment needed.  Typically within a round or two, you'll find yourself adjusted to the altered set-up and you can return to a more standard putting grip and routine.

Not everyone who embraces the concept finds success, but 100% of those who don't embrace it will fail.

Ball Position and Alignment:

The design of the Holder putter tries to partially replicate the hand and arm impact positions of the full short iron swing. Because of the speed of the swing, it isn’t a perfect representation of those impact positions, but in the abstract this is part of the philosophy behind the design. Therefore the ball position can best be represented by the players preference for a wedge shot. For most players aligning the shaft of the putter to the middle of stance works best. This is something you may have to play with a bit, but that is a good starting point.  Try several different ball positions to start, varying them by fractions of inches. A half inch further forward, a half inch further back. Spend some time dialing that in to see where you best make square contact with the ball.  

As for your stance, for some it has been helpful to open it slightly to offset a tendency to push putts when your eyes are inside the line of the putt.  But this is purely preference and optional. Another helpful tip is varying how far you stand from the ball.  We recommended that you stand as close to the ball as you are comfortable standing while making a pendulum stroke. Spend some time dialing that distance in as well, and find where you are most comfortable making a natural pendulum stroke.  Be persistent, this is a different approach to putting and may take some getting used to, but in the end, we believe it is a far superior approach.

Another improvement we've made to make it easy to align the Holder Golf Putter is to design the base of the putter with a flat section the width of a ball on which the putter can sit square to the target. One of my pet peeves for years has been that with many traditional putters when you place your putter behind the ball it doesn’t sit square behind the ball without having to exert some effort to keep it square. It falls off either open or closed if you relax your grip. We've solved that problem... a small improvement but a good one.

The Stroke:

The Holder putter was designed primarily for putts outside of 6-8 feet. That doesn’t mean that the Holder putter isn’t perfect for the standard 3 foot par putt, but frankly those can be made using any putter (or 4 iron for that matter), so that part of the putting game doesn’t scream out for refinement. What we did was, we took a look at the 10-15 foot birdie putt and designed the grip and putter to get your hands, wrists and forearms in the best position to make a solid stroke, increasing the chances of you making the birdie putt.

When you first get the putter, drop a few balls 15 to 20 feet from the cup and start from there. You’ll see quickly how much easier it is to start the ball on line from that distance. You’ll also find that because we’ve realigned and strengthened the set-up positions of the hands and arms, that it will be hard to leave putts short. We also suggest that while you are transitioning from a traditional putter to the Holder Golf Putter you focus your swing thought on the palm your dominant hand (right hand for right handed players and left for left). Visualize the palm swinging like a pendulum back and through toward the target. In the follow through, finish with your palm facing square/perpendicular to the target. By design, the Patented Holder Golf grip with its square profile aids in this stroke by giving a flat surface perpendicular to the line of the putt through which your palm naturally aligns to the target.  

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