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Our founder and CEO James Holder weighs in on several frequently asked questions.

Q. Are your putters available in stores?

A. No. We are a direct to consumer, exclusively web-based seller. 

Q. I'm having problems adjusting to the new set-up do you have any advice?

A. Sure!  Here is a link to our tips page: - You can also feel free to email us at and we'll be happy to help with instruction.

Q. Aligning your eyes above the ball in your set-up is a long held essential for proper putting technique, how does the flat lie set-up of the Holder Golf putter affect that alignment?

A. It’s true with our putter design that the alignment of your eyes will typically be slightly (1-2 inches) inside the putter face. So if you prioritize your eye position above all else, then we are not the putter company for you. But sometimes golf is about compromise, sometimes you have to, for example, give up distance to gain accuracy.  With our putter design, we’ve prioritized the alignment of your hands, wrists, and arms over eye alignment. We believe it is substantially easier to make the necessary adjustments to your eyes than it is to make the necessary adjustment to every major muscle used in your putting stroke.  And it’s been proven right time and time again by our customers that that eye alignment adjustment is significantly easier to make.

Q. How is your putting technique better than the claw/pencil grip or left hand low?

A. For some it may not be better, but in my thinking, those alternative grips that are now popular are intended to restrict your stroke with the hope that those restrictions will eliminate the breaking down of your hands, wrists and arms during the stroke. I designed the flat lie putter to actually free your natural stoke by aligning the major muscles that control that stroke in a comfortable, relaxed alignment. This natural alignment greatly reduces the risk of your stroke breaking down and it does so without restricting the stroke in any way.  This concept has freed players from thinking about the actual stroke (it's natural) and has allowed us to focus on line and speed. It is truly liberating to those players who embrace the concept.

Q. What is your MOI, COR, and CG, and are you face balanced or toe balanced? Also, do you offer calibrated swing weights, adjustable weighted insert screws or groove technologies?

A. A properly designed head is extremely important to the performance of a putter - I believe that wholeheartedly and have incorporated the essential design principles into the design of our heads, optimizing those principles to fit/accommodate the flat lie. But the alphabet of acronyms and lofty wording about advances in putter technology is in my opinion proof that putter manufacturers are running out of ideas on how to sell you the same ineffective putter set-up. Our putters are designed to give you a fantastic roll and feel, which is important, but if your ball is rolling the wrong direction it makes no difference how it is rolling. Our alternative flat lie putter set-up and square profile grip design gives you the best chance to make a solid, easily repeatable stroke that starts your ball on the line you intended to start it on.  That’s how you’ll make more putts – “groove technology” and randomly transferring a couple grams of weight a couple millimeters does nothing to make your stroke better.

Q. You say your putters are made in the USA, what does that mean?

A. Our heads are milled (Kansas and Florida), our grips molded (Minnesota), our shafts are produced (Mississippi) and we assemble the final product 100% in the United States (Florida). We even go so far as to choose US production companies for our label printing, sticker printing and apparel embroidery. We’re proud of that and try and cut costs elsewhere to maintain that. These suppliers either were friends before or have become friends over the years and we’d like to support them as they have supported us.  Also, the quality of their production goods is unmatched!

Q. Is it easy to exchange for a different length or style?

A. Absolutely! Visit our return/exchange page (click here) for your options.

Q. Do your putters comply with USGA and R&A rules?

A. Yes, the flat lie set-up and our square profile Tour Grip does conform to all USGA and R&A rules. There is one unfortunate exception relating to a disputed USGA claim about the shape of the Reset 01 putter (see a detailed explanation of the controversy here). But all the rest of our putters do conform to all USGA and R&A rules.

Q. Do you have used demo putters available?

A. Yes, though they sell very quickly when we post them. You can find them here.


We are very good at responding to your individual questions.  Just email us at and if we’re awake, we’ll typically respond quickly.