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Holder Golf is a pioneer in the world of putter design taking innovation to a higher level than a simple putter head change. Our unique putters are designed to produce more than a pure roll; our putters are designed to help you produce a pure stroke.

How We Are Unique:


The Problems We Solve:

When you look at the traditional putting stroke it's really not difficult to see that the major contributor to missed putts is the unintended rolling and/or tilting of the hands during the putting stroke. When your hands roll, it opens or closes the face of your putter, and when they tilt, it affects where the ball impacts the face.  When both of these things happen simultaneously it results in the complete breakdown of the putting stroke (sometimes referred to as the "yips").  So how do we reduce the probability that your hands will roll or tilt?  

The problem with the traditional putter grip and set-up (lie angle, length, etc.) is that your hands, wrists, and arms are forced into positions that for many people are weak, uncomfortable and unnecessarily complex.  Because of the angles and complexity of this set up, it is very difficult to eliminate the rolling and tilting of your hands and wrists during the stroke. This is especially true under pressure when your muscles tend to unexpectedly constrict, because in order to return the putter face to square at impact you have to return those difficult to control muscles to the same complex alignment you started with.


To solve this, many players have resorted to anchoring the putter to their body to reduce the chance of their hands rolling or tilting during the stroke. Others have tried to solve this by altering the stance or grip to counteract that roll and tilt.  These “fixes” are somewhat helpful, but they limit the freedom that only a natural stroke can provide.

Our Solution:

Holder Golf has solved these issues by re-engineering the putter grip and set up.  Our Patented grip naturally guides and locks your hands into an alignment that is natural and square to the line of the putt, reducing any chance of roll. And our flat lie putter set up straightens your arms and wrists, locking them into the strongest possible position, reducing any chance of tilt. We’ve reduced the complexity of the set up, eliminating the need for the several steering and stabilizing muscles that are necessary in the traditional stroke... giving you the best chance to return your putter to square at impact.

A simple set up leads to a simple stroke, which leads to better putting!  And that can only be found at Holder Golf.