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Our Recommendation

37" CUSTOM PUTTER (Not available in all styles)

Please note that it is very difficult to design a fitting guide that can take into consideration the differences of body types and postures of individual golfers. Because our putters are designed to lower a players hands at set-up, they play/feel about 1/2" to 1" shorter than a traditional putter. So if our fitting method fits you for a 33" putter but the traditional putter you have played with and are comfortable with is 35", you may want to take that into consideration before you order, and order a longer Holder Golf putter.  The recommendation you receive from this fitting guide is simply what we've found to be a good rule-of-thumb for most players.

Still confused?  

If you are still confused about what length is best for you or you want to confirm the length you've chosen, here is what we recommend: Grab a 5 or 6 iron from your bag and set up to a ball as if you are preparing to hit a full shot.  Choke down on the shaft of the iron as far as you feel comfortable while maintaining a natural set-up (for most that will be at the very bottom of the grip).  Once you find a comfortable stance that allows for a solid putting stroke, measure from the heel of the iron, up the shaft to the top of your hands. That measurement should be the length you want for a Holder Golf Putter.