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Holder Golf Premium Flat Lie Milled Putters

Holder Golf is a pioneer in the world of putter design taking innovation to a higher level than a simple putter head change. Our unique putters are designed to produce more than a pure roll; our putters are designed to help you produce a pure stroke.

But don't take our word for it, click here to read the reviews from customers whose strokes have been transformed by the groundbreaking design that only Holder Golf provides! 

How We Are Unique:


The Problems We Solve:

When you look at the traditional putting stroke it's really not difficult to see that the major contributor to missed putts is the unintended rolling and/or tilting of the hands during the putting stroke. When your hands roll, it opens or closes the face of your putter, and when they tilt, it affects where the ball impacts the face.  When both of these things happen simultaneously it results in the complete breakdown of the putting stroke (sometimes referred to as the "yips").  So how do we reduce the probability that your hands will roll or tilt? 

The problem with the traditional putter grip and set-up (lie angle, length, etc.) is that your hands, wrists, and arms are forced into positions that for many people are weak, uncomfortable and unnecessarily complex.  Because of the angles and complexity of this set up, it is very difficult to eliminate the rolling and tilting of your hands and wrists during the stroke. This is especially true under pressure when your muscles tend to unexpectedly constrict, because in order to return the putter face to square at impact you have to return those difficult to control muscles to the same complex alignment you started with.


To solve this, many players have resorted to anchoring the putter to their body to reduce the chance of their hands rolling or tilting during the stroke. Others have tried to solve this by altering the stance or grip to counteract that roll and tilt.  These “fixes” are somewhat helpful, but they limit the freedom that only a natural stroke can provide.

Our Solution:

Holder Golf has solved these issues by re-engineering the putter grip and set up.  Our Patented grip naturally guides and locks your hands into an alignment that is natural and square to the line of the putt, reducing any chance of roll. And our flat lie putter set up straightens your arms and wrists, locking them into the strongest possible position, reducing any chance of tilt. We’ve reduced the complexity of the set up, eliminating the need for the several steering and stabilizing muscles that are necessary in the traditional stroke... giving you the best chance to return your putter to square at impact.

A simple set up leads to a simple stroke, which leads to better putting!  And that can only be found at Holder Golf.




Read what our customers have to say:

Douglas W. on Jul 07, 2017

Holder putter

Absolutely the best putter I have ever owned. I just shot my career best game today and much was due to great putts


Clint F on Jul 06, 2017

The Saviour!!!!

This design has long been overdue to simplify putting. Thanks Holder Golf, keep up the good work and promote your product like crazy!!! It's unreal!!!


Randy R. on Jun 23, 2017

Love my putter

It sure didn't take any time to start making putts.My putter has the best feel of any that I have ever used in my 50 plus years of playing golf. 


Brad D. on Jun 23, 2017

great putter

It took some practice, but this is now my go to putter. I used to have 5-6 3 putts per round. Now it's usually 0-2. Highly recommended 


Steve H on Mar 30, 2017


Best putter I've ever owned!


SW on Mar 10, 2017

Reset 01

Truly the best putter I have owned. I have made more birdie putts and is very accurate



Anonymous on Mar 06, 2017

Works as advertized

Looking forward to getting more hours of practice in this spring



ron k. on Dec 11, 2016

Bought the Reset

Did some research before I bought this club. For the price it's a great club. Bought a 34 inch but noticed it was too short, sent it back an within 4 days had a 35 inch returned free of charge. Took the new club back to the course an it putts really great - a great organization to work with -Thanks again, a very satisfied customer! Ron


Anonymous on Oct 12, 2016

Customer service

Great customer service!!! Great product and look forward to making more putts 



brent foster on Sep 08, 2016

I love my reset 01

I never review a product that I have purchased. However, This Holder putter has so dramatically improved my putting I decided I had to let you know. Before I had my new Holder putter, I called myself Mr. 3 Putt. My last round with reset 01 I had no three putts. Longer putts I am able to get within tap in range. 5 feet and in are automatic.



Michael Larson on Aug 12, 2016

Surprisingly Impressed.

I am a low single digit handicap who has been struggling on the greens for some time. While I liked the idea of this putter, and of course hopeful, I was skeptical and expected to be disappointed......I've used it twice and am very impressed. The ball rolls amazing well and stays on line as a result. Virtually no skidding. The feel is great. I think it's going to take me a little bit to get used to the alignment and speed from long distance, particularly on fast greens, but I'm already putting better. I'm using the line on the Pro V to line up puts under 10 ft and am making more than ever. I'm just over 6' and my only wish is that I had ordered the 35" instead of the 36" which I did based on feedback from others. Thank you!



Eric P. on May 23, 2017

Reset 2!

I have played several rounds with the Reset 2 and have without a doubt shaved a few strokes off my game. Two putts are much more of the norm than they were in the past and many more up and downs than ever before! Once you get used to the change in body mechanics you'll start seeing an immediate difference.



Anonymous on Jun 05, 2017

Great Feel

At first it feels funny getting used to the flatter lie angle. But once you roll a few and see how easy it is to stroke putts without your hands interfering, then feel for speed becomes a breeze.


Anonymous on May 05, 2017

Very Nice

This is a very nice putter. Improved my score after very small adjustment.


Todd M. on Apr 11, 2017

State Championship

I used my new putter to win my 6th straight state championship for Indiana special olympics. I shot a new record 35 for 9 holes.



AMI C. on May 04, 2017

Excellent Product, Excellent Service

The people, and products, at Holder Golf are exceptional. I am definitely a costumer going forward.



David B. on Apr 12, 2017

The most natural feel and set up of any putter, I've owned!

From the custom fit, to the custom grip, I love my Holder Golf Putter. It's flat, it's shaped to my hands, my stance and it makes me feel I am going to roll it pure. I'm better at lag putts, and feel like I can make anytime mg. 



Anonymous on Apr 11, 2017

It Works!

Extremely satisfied!


Larry R. on Apr 12, 2017

Reset 01

i love this putter plus the customer service was the best experience I’ve had when buying clubs online.



Glen D on Apr 10, 2017

New Asset to my Game

I acquired the Reset 2 a few weeks ago. The difference in slashing my strokes per round were obvious. I have to admit, when I first picked up the Reset 2, it felt a little off. But after hitting the practice putting green for awhile I quickly started getting the feel for the balance and stance for the putter. 

My first 9 holes I played with it, I shot a 38 on a moderately challenging course. I have never shot a 38 on 9 holes. I do not consider myself a good golfer, but I did not have a three putt hole, which is rare for me. That was a major contributing factor in the quality 9 holes. After 18 holes, I still didn't have a three putt and finished with a 82.

The tap in's are easier, and the mid-range 10-15 footers are starting to fall more often.

The more I use this putter, the more comfortable I am getting with it. I would recommend this putter, it is well worth the money if you have an open mind and want to put the time in to improving your putting game.



David Bannister on Sep 03, 2016

Science and Engineering means #draino putts

Its been 40 years since Ping invented toe heel putters, and with all the advancements in irons, and metals, you wondered why no one did more for the putter. The one club we use more than any other, it just makes sense. When I am putting, I feel like my eyes are over the ball, the club is completely lined up, and the hands are out of my swing! I love my custom Holder Putter, and how it makes short putts so much easier!


Greg Knuth on Aug 01, 2016


I am so impressed with how comfortable setting up to the ball with this putter feels. Add in the fact that the ball starts online more often and the roll of the ball is amazing. I will be telling anyone that plays with me not to miss out. Right after I take their money.



David Ramell on Jul 16, 2016

After 1 month of use

Since using the putter I have shave probably 3-5 strokes off my score and the short putts are just so much easier to read.



Anonymous on Jul 13, 2016

Love the feel and the

Love the feel and the shaft lie is unbelievable. I have so much feel and control.



Mark Roberds on Jul 11, 2016

Cool putter

Great putter. Matches my putting stroke perfectly!



Joe V on Jul 08, 2016

5 stars

This thing feels as good if not better then my Scotty and it is easier to put and keep the ball on line. Now I can concentrate on the line and not the stroke.


Anonymous on Jul 05, 2016

Great product: Better way to putt

I’ve tried hundreds of putters over the last 30 years, including side saddle. I already putt with an open stance so having the ball further away gives me an almost binocular look at the line (way better). The low hands was the bigger surprise. It was very easy for me to adapt to that new motion and it’s actually very smooth. The grip is great


Richard LaTour on Jul 08, 2016

Reset02 Zweet. Blade putter

Excellent. Feel was great and weight was perfect Well worth the price


Anthony Greeve on Jul 08, 2016

Immediate improvement

I usually shoot anywhere from 90-95. I took your putter to the course today and shot a 84 and I didn't really hit the ball from tee to green any better.


Brian on Jul 04, 2016

Better than my Scotty

Just got my black blade. I also have the black reset 01. The reset 01 has a sweet feel with great touch. It's light, but very smooth. The blade is a little heavier, but if you like the blade look, it's roll is extremely accurate. I have used my black Scotty Cameron for me, this putter works better on the 5-6 foot putts. My handicap is about a 6.


Anonymous on Jun 15, 2016

Made Two 20 footers in first round!

This putter already knocked at least 2 strokes off my handicap. Unbelievably good from long range!


Neil Notermann on Jun 04, 2016

Great feel!!

I have used it for two weeks. Love the feel and solid feel!! My one putts have dramatically increased. Gave my Odyessy putter to my daughter and will not look back!! Best feel I have had on the green I have ever had.


 J. Hughes on May 29, 2016

Intuitive Putter - I love it.

This putter changed my approach to the greens - the videos don't lie: The feel is intuitive and I've had better luck putting the ball in the cup with this putter than with any other putter I've used in 20+ years of golfing. This club will be a permanent part of my bag.


Anonymous on Aug 19, 2016

Great putter, very easy to

Great putter, very easy to align. Great service


Joe on Aug 04, 2016

Wow! Simplifies putting!

Hesitant to make the change from an "eyes over the line" technique, but was leaving strokes on the course. After a few practice sessions, I put this putter in play and WOW! A 30-putt round! (I'm usually 31-38 putts/round, hdcp 8) Two 50 foot and one 30 foot birdies. Seven one-putts in all! The simplicity and repeatability of this stroke is astounding. The alignment adjustment was a non-factor. I am completely excited to get out and play some more rounds with this putter! Great putter, great feel. The putts roll end-over-end just beautifully. Distance control is awesome. I hope my Odyssey enjoys the back of the closet.


Jerry Davis on Aug 03, 2016

New Putter

It took about 1 hour of putting to get comfortable over the ball and learn how to line it up, but then the putts started falling with great regularity!!! Great putter!


Art V on Jul 04, 2016

2 strokes in 2 weeks

"I've been using your putter for the past two weeks which has included 5 rounds that counted towards my handicap and 2 rounds that were scrambles. Two weeks ago my H.I.was a 12.6 and today it is at 10.7 and I shot my two lowest rounds ever, a 78 & 80 in that order, breaking 80 for the first time! In both of those rounds I had 31 putts and zero 3 putts. I haven't played that much better with the driver and irons but my putting has been terrific. In both of those rounds I had a couple of lip outs that could have gone in as well but all of my putts were solid, got to the hole, and had a good chance. In one of those scrambles, I was playing in a foursome with the assistant pro who has been working with me, and after I sank back to back 25'+ birdie putts on #2 and #3 he was quite impressed and blessed my new putter telling me to stick with this one. The success with your putter has changed my psyche as well. I find the setup and motion to be simple and easy to repeat and the ball goes where I am aiming to put it."


Greg on Jul 04, 2016

Great Putter!

"I have had my putter for about 2 years now, and my Lag putting has greatly improved and I love how the low hand position makes my stroke more consistent. Great Putter!"


Daniel T Wilkins on Jun 24, 2016

Putter review

Different than I expected. I like it very much


Anonymous on Jun 17, 2016


Shot my best score of the season after using it for the third round ! Made a bunch of 10 foot plus puts for par and birdie !!


Allan on Jun 03, 2016

Holder Reset 01 Putter

I'm a 17 handicap and putting was the worst part of my game. Found the Holder Putting technique on the Internet and ordered the 34 inch reset 01 putter. Today was my first time using the putter. Practiced about an hour before the start of the round to get a feel for the Holder technique. I was amazed at how many putts I was making especially the 3 to 4 footers which I used to miss often. My longer putts went closer than ever before. Even my player companions commented on how much better I was rolling the putter. After a history of being a poor putter I can honestly say that the Holder Putting Design & Technique has made a tremendous impact on my putting confidence.


Brian S on Jun 02, 2016

Smooth and Natural

Wow! This putter is so natural. I have used Camerons for my entire golfing life, I'm about a 4 handicap. I've always had issues with the 6-8 footers. I would make maybe 4 out of 10. Now with the Holder, I'm easily 7-8 out of 10. The alignment is pure and the feel is super smooth. I have tried the blade and also the bigger head. I love the Black, Bigger head model. The black has a nicer, softer feel for me compared to the metal head. Try them all, you can't go wrong. It WILL improve your putting.


Russ on May 29, 2016

Never going back to a traditional putter.

I am a former belly putter guy who was a bit disappointed when they banned them. The Holder putter solves all the problems that forced me to that putting style. I really thought I'd never be able to putt with a short putter again... this thing has changed my mind.


Pat Williamson on May 29, 2016

Best of best

The Holder putter is by far the best putter I've ever played with! Drained a 10 foot putt (which I never did with my Expensive Scottie) and won $450. More than covered my investment! If you try it, you'll never go back to a traditional putter...never!!!


lonnie b. on Mar 23, 2017

Took a few rounds to

Took a few rounds to get it down but now it is great making more putts than i did with my old putter and making lots more longer putts. I think everyone should own one. Money well spent. So come on guys put your money in a great putter the HOLDER putter.


Kyle Greear on Aug 10, 2016

Great Putter Great Service

Very well made putter I love the feel the only problem Im having is getting use to the setting up of the putter since it is different from normal putters Im sure that will come in time as I use it more also service is great I sent it back to have a line painted to help me line up the putt better with no problems .


Kyle Greear on Oct 05, 2016


I just want to give updated review on this putter after playing a few months and getting use to it all I can say is this is the best putter I have ever played with I see they are on sale thinking about buying the blade style .


Chris Mitchell on Aug 17, 2016

Great Putter

First let me say I have been looking for a putter like this for some time. My handicap hovers in the 12-16 range most days and I am looking for ways at this point to help with scoring. Putting is certainly one of those areas. I really like the feel of this Putter and the overall design. I put the ball in motion and it stays online and true throughout the putt. I have noticed a significant difference in the radius of my lag putts, they are makeable putts now versus before with my traditional putter. Only real thing to get used to is how firm the putter is, I have to ensure I do not smash it otherwise it will go off the green. I am sold, and will enjoy making more 2 putts and not 3 putts. Thank you HolderGolf!